by Jesse Hendley

The Power of the Word of God
Jesse Hendley
Acts 2:37

What excuse do you have for being a weak Christian? The Lord is the Source of all power, and every Christian may have His power, great power, exceeding great power. It is for us! And God wants us to know it. We ought to cry to God for more power; we need it or we faint in the spiritual walk. Each day brings us into conflict, in some, way, with the world, the flesh and the devil. How are we to withstand? How are we to be over comers? How can we take the ''offensives'' in life, and not merely resist but aggressively go out and make gains for Christ, winning souls, and going forward in the fight?

Christian, if you really know the Lord in real fellowship, you long for more power! There is power in BIBLE STUDY and there is no spiritual power without it! People pray for more power, and then neglect the Bible. People pray for fruit, and neglect the Seed, which is in the Word. People pray for the power to melt hearts of stone and break stubborn wills, and they neglect the Word, which is the Fire, and a Hammer that breaketh the rock to pieces! They pray for power to withstand temptations, and they don't feed and strengthen their souls in the Word. You only feed upon ashes, if you expect spiritual strength from this world's diet of magazines and newspapers. And let me say here that no Christian can have power reading the Word AND some of these modern, filthy novels full of dirt and shame. It just can't be done. People pray for more light, and sit in darkness with the light in reach, they reach for a magazine instead of the Scriptures. The entrance of MY WORD, the Lord says, giveth light! The Word will give you real light on war, on liquor, on the race problem, on sin, on salvation. Listen, the Word of God shall never pass away. Forever is His Word settled in Heaven. If we once get that fact settled in our minds and hearts, the Word of God will become a new Book to us and we will not neglect it, knowing that it is ...

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