by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Luke 11:1

I want to say here that if all those who come to the
Lord in our meetings would PRAY FOR ME DAILY, God
would do mightier works than we have ever seen! God
would honor those prayers! They would have a great
share in every spiritual victory that He would give!

God would have every Christian spend more time in
prayer. So many are too full of activity, too busy.
But activity is not spirituality. Real spirituality,
however, will produce spiritual activity. Men do not
"work up" a prayer-life. Men do not develop the
spiritual life by their own strength. The real
prayer-life is a gift from God. He creates that life
in the heart. It is God's work.

Through prayer God puts something in the heart that
man cannot obtain by any other means. The story is
told of a quick-tempered boy who was in a reform
school because he had committed murder. He had a
fierce, terrible temper. A Christian lady begged for
him and finally obtained him. She taught him to pray.
She knew that only God could quell and control that
violent temper. (Ever lose your temper? Go aside and
ask God for help!) One day she was watching him at
play; and saw him leave the other boys. He had a grim
look on his face as he came inside and went to his
room. This Christian woman tip-toed to his door and
heard him praying. "Oh, Jesus!' she heard him say,
"Auntie said that when I felt my awful temper coming
on, and I felt like saying or doing something mad, I
should come and tell You all about it. I ask you to
help me now. Amen." He burst out of the room, crying,
"Auntie, it works, it works!" And rushed back to play.
God stilled the storm in the depths of that heart.

When God speaks, it is done. When the Lord Jesus said,
"Peace, be still," there was peace, and stillness.
Beloved, as a result of prayer, GOD SPEAKS, GOD ACTS.
Loved ones are saved. Drunkards are sober ...

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