by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Daniel 9

We are studying today about the prophecy about the
Seventy Weeks, from Daniel in the ninth chapter. This
is one of the most revealing passages in the Word of
God. You will remember that Daniel lived during the
time that Israel was captive in Babylon, a time called
the Babylonian Captivity. Daniel had been studying his
Bible; especially the Book of Jeremiah where God said
Israel would be in the captivity for 70 years. The
time was running out now and Daniel sought the Lord
earnestly and prayed that God would make plain unto
him the understanding of the great vision. God gave
him the vision of the Seventy Weeks. In this vision
the whole future of Israel is laid out, from Daniel's
day right on down to the time when Jesus comes and the
Millennium is introduced.

Now let us read verse 23, what the angel has to say.
"At the beginning of thy supplication, the commandment
came forth and I am come to show thee, for thou are
greatly beloved; therefore, understand the matter and
consider the vision." When Daniel first bent his knee
to pray the angel was commanded to go to Daniel.
"Understand the matter." Some people say, "We can't
understand prophecy." Well, the angel Gabriel says
that we can. "Understand the matter and consider the
vision." We will never understand if we don't
consider. If we don't come before God and don't seek
to know the mind of God, of course we will never
understand. God could have put coal on top of the
ground instead of down inside it, but it didn't please
God to do it. We have to dig for coal, and so it is
with the Word of God. God could have made certain
things in His Word very clear and plain and easily
perceived, but He doesn't do it that way. We have to
study. He has given us intellect to use. God made us
capable of study. There are so many lazy minds in the
world that never will study. It is ...

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