by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Jeremiah 33:3

My text is Jeremiah 33:3 and my subject is "God
Answers Prayer." If anything burns its way into your
heart and soul it should be these precious words. God
says, "Call unto me and I will answer thee." That is
a great statement. God promises to ANSWER prayer.
God says, " If you will pray, I will answer you." God
says, "If you'll ask me, I'll do something for you,"
according to our text. R. A. Torrey used to speak on
"Why I know there is a God." He said that one-day
during the great World's Fair in the days of D. L.
Moody they were gathered together at the breakfast
table, carrying on the immense work of God. Oh, the
expenditure of money was terrific. They were in debt
$6,000.00, Moody gathered them together and said,
"Brethren before we say another word let's ask God for
the needed $6,000.00." With that little, simple,
childlike faith, D. L. Moody bowed his head and asked
his Father to send him $6,000.00. Well, they went on
with their meal, discussing a great revival and things
that would take place that day. All of a sudden there
was a knock at the door and a friend came in and
handed Mr. Moody a check for $6,000.00. There was a
note appended from some friends, and they said they
had a strange feeling that he was in need and so they
took an offering for him and there was the check for
$6,000.00, just exactly that.

People will say, "Oh, those things just happen." No,
they don't just happen. Torrey used to say, "If you
walked up to a wall and said, 'I want some beefsteak
and potatoes and some pie,' and you got it, and then
the next day you came back to that wall and said, 'I
want some turkey now, and cranberry sauce,' and the
next day you came back and asked for something else,
and everyday you got just exactly what you asked for,
you'd finally believe that though you didn't see
anybody, there ...

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