by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Revelation 2:1-7

We are studying today the letter to the church at
Ephesus, and how the Lord Jesus said, as He commended
them, that He knew their works and their labor and
patience, but that He had against them this, that they
had forsaken their first love.

Oh, friends, that is a terrible word. We pray that it
will never be said of us. We pray that we will not
forsake loving Him. The characteristic of the
Christian life is love. How we should thank God for
it. Not long ago at a service there came forward a man
and his wife and their son. This boy knelt and
accepted Jesus as his Saviour and was radiantly saved.
That father said, with tears running down his cheeks,
"You know, I've been praying for this boy all day. I
wanted him saved." Later they went forward to join the
church where I was preaching, and the preacher said to
the father, "Tell what the Lord has done for you." The
man smiled and said, "Brother, it is impossible in the
time I have, to tell what the Lord has done for me,
but I'm glad He saved me. I've been saved and my boy
is saved." The preacher turned to the wife and said,
"Do you have a word to say?" She just turned around
and embraced a young woman in the line who was saved
that night. It was her own daughter. Both her son and
her daughter had come to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is
marvelous to see the love of a daddy for his boy when
he prays for him and seeks to win him to the Lord
Jesus Christ.

It is wonderful to see real, true, genuine love for
the Lord. Love is something that counts more than
anything. It is wonderful to see the love moving in a
revival meeting. Something in one of our services
touched my heart very deeply. A man stumbled into the
service one night while I was preaching, toward the
close of my message. He went on back to the inquiry
room. He had been drin ...

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