by Jesse Hendley

God's Stars
Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 12:3
October 11,1907---November 30, 1994

In Daniel 12:3 we read, "They that be wise shall shine
as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn
many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever."
What a wonderful statement that is! God's stars will
be those who have won souls and who have served Him
earnestly in this life, who have won souls to Him by
their prayers, by their gifts and by their personal
testimony and witnessing for Him.

I went to Chicago about three years ago to speak on
the Christian Business Men's Broadcast. What a joy it
was to ring out the old Gospel there from the very
heart of the loop in that great city of Chicago. When
I arrived Saturday afternoon and went up to my hotel
room, the porter put down my bags and switched on the
radio. There was a program coming in from South Bend,
Indiana, from the great football stadium there. A
short time before, they had filmed the life of Knute
Rockne and there during the football game, with the
stands filled with spectators, the screen stars that
had made the movie were being introduced over the
microphone. Every time one of the stars from the movie
stepped up and was introduced as a star, the entire
audience, evidently, rose to its feet and gave
thunderous applause.

I thought, "Well, just go ahead, movie stars, and have
your day. Another day is coming." My mind went forward
to that time when all the saints are gathered home,
that day when everything will be all over down here.
When all God's saints are gathered home, God's "stars"
will be the soul-winners.

I just thought about Paul being introduced by the Lord
Jesus, and all the multitudes he led to Christ, and
the grandstands in Heaven will applaud and applaud and
applaud for this great soul winner who lived for God
and gave his life for God! He lived for God! He was
all out for God. He won souls for God. He gave his
life for Jesus ...

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