by Jesse Hendley

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The Great Need of the Holy Spirit (6 of 6)
The Holy Spirit
Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 5:11
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994

We do need the Holy Spirit. There is no question about
that! I only challenge you to read the passages which
we will study this morning. Maybe you have already
read them, and maybe you haven't. I ask you to read
them that is all!

We should take head to these passages of Scripture
that we do not lose our crown.

"BEHOLD, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou
hast, THAT NO MAN TAKE THY CROWN" (Rev. 5:11).

There is a crown, then for the Christian. We are
singing, "Will there be any stars in my CROWN?" We
had better sings "Will there be any CROWN?" I don't
find passages about STARS IN A CROWN in the Word of
God, but I do find many passages about a CROWN. Look
out, brother, somebody may get YOUR CROWN! Now, let
me illustrate this solemn truth.

Esau despised his birthright, and Jacob got it. Is
that right? Yes! Reuben was the first born of the
twelve sons of Jacob, but Judah took his place. Judah
got the CROWN due to Reuben, because of sin. Saul was
the first king of Israel, but continued in willful
disobedience to God, and David got his CROWN. Israel
failed God, and the Church is taking her place; God
intended that Israel should evangelize the world, not
because He loved her more, but He chose Israel in
order that through her He could reveal Himself to a
lost world. The Church is doing the job which Israel
was to do. Does this illustrate the truth I am
presenting? Israel sinned, was laid aside by God and
now the Church is doing the job God intended she
should do.

The same is true of the Christian! If we don't do the
job God has for us to do, somebody will do it, and
will get our CROWN. "--hold that fast which thou hast,
that no main take thy CROWN (Rev. 3:11).

"Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things
which we have wrought, but that we recei ...

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