by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
(A Radio Sermon)
Colossians 2:9

I want to speak to young people, and I pray that God
will guide us into the Word of God, as we look at
Colossians 2:9 on PAUL'S CREED. May God speak to our
hearts as we read this passage together. I hope you
will memorize this simple sentence-it isn't very long.
"For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the godhead
bodily." IN HIM, in Christ, dwelleth ALL THE FULLNESS,
of the Godhead, bodily.

It is wonderful to know the Lord Jesus Christ as our
Saviour because, first of all, this relationship keeps
us from sin.

The chief of police in Ypsilanti, Michigan, makes
these remarks. "I turn to the pages of my own
experience and stand aghast at the record. An increase
of forty per cent then sixty per cent, and then one
hundred per cent, in three years time. I never saw so
much immorality, vice, debauchery and crime as we have
found practiced by our young people today. The
indifference to the sterling qualities of virtue,
known and respected by your mother and mine, is
appalling. Isn't it time we got back to GOD? In God's
Name, why don't we endorse a program that exalts our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Young people today
don't want to be fooled., They don't want the gospel
of Social Reform. Their hearts are hungry. They want
regeneration, and a new life secure in the eternal
promises of God."

The man is exactly right. He is writing from the
standpoint of the chief of police. Thank God for a
godly chief of police who is appalled at the increase
in crime under his own jurisdiction.

I approach it from the standpoint of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ, as a preacher of the Word. As we have
traveled up and down the land in revival campaigns, we
have found that on the one hand, there is a great
REVOLT by young people against God, but on the other
hand, hundreds of young people are SURRENDERING TO

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