by Jesse Hendley

Walking With God in the Love of God
Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907—November 30, 1994
I John 4:8 & 10, John 13:1

This message is on the love of God. The greatest truth you will ever lay
hold of is that God loves you personally. We are talking about the
practical Christian life, which begins with walking in the love of God. If we
do not know that, we are not living the life God wants us to live.

This is fundamental. There will come a time in your life when nothing will
comfort you but the truth of the love of God. If you do not know in that
moment that God loves you, you will be bereft.

When our son had a massive heart attack, I prayed with him in the
hospital before he went into the operating room. It was very serious
surgery. I said, "Dave, I'd like to go with you." He said, "Dad, you've
been teaching me all my life that there comes a time when nobody can
go with us but God. This is it. I'm going in there with the Lord Jesus
Christ. I know He is with me." Dave had no fear, because he knew the
love of God in his heart.

Someday you and I are going to need this. We need it every day. The
fact that God loves me - that He is looking after me, that He has
promised to bring me home to Glory, and that He will keep His Word - is
the first great principle of the Christian life. We cannot live the Christian
life unless we are walking in the love of God.

Loved by the Holy Trinity

Please turn with me in your Bible to 1 John, chapter 4. In this chapter,
twice we read, "God is love." This is the love of God. Then in the gospel
of John, chapter 13, we read about the love of Jesus: "Having loved His
own who were in the world, He loved them to the end." I translate it,
"endlessly." Then in Romans 15:30 we read of the love of the Spirit,
which shows that the Spirit is a person, for only a person can love. A
thing or an it cannot love. The Holy Spirit is a divine person.

So we have three divine beings - God, Chr ...

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