by Jesse Hendley

Walking With God in the Knowledge of Sins Forgiven
Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Hebrews Chapters 9 & 10

I was in a certain city in an evangelistic campaign
where God was pouring out His blessings. Many souls
were being saved. One day at noon we were sitting
around the table, and my song leader said to me, as we
were discussing the forgiveness of sins, "The thing
that troubles me is not my sins before I received
Jesus and was converted, but the sins I have committed
since then." I said, "Tomorrow in the morning session
I will talk about that."

The next day this message was born. Ever since that
time, wherever I have preached about forgiveness,
people have come to me and said, "I have been
wondering about this. I'm glad it has been clarified.
I understand now what God does with a believer's sins
after his conversion, and what He does with the sins
of an unbeliever."

Let's look at Hebrews 9 and 10. These are my chapters!
I am going to heaven on the truths I am bringing to
you now. In chapter 10, verses 1 through 5, is the
answer to my song leader's question. We must
understand from God's Word the first great truth, the
most important truth in the Bible: what Christ's
once-for-all sacrifice accomplished for those of us
who believe. In verse 1, the writer contrasts the
sacrifices of the Old Testament with the once-for-all
sacrifice of Jesus. There were many repeated offerings
in the Old Testament. The blood was continually
flowing on the altars of Israel. There was a morning
sacrifice and an evening sacrifice. Every year on the
Day of Atonement there was a great sacrifice for sin.
The blood flowed, and it had to be sprinkled on the
altar of sin made every year. How would you like it if
your sins were brought up every year before God?

The fact that these offerings were repeated meant that
they didn't get the job done. They didn't put away
sin; they only covered it. ...

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