by Jesse Hendley

Walking With God in Prayer
Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
James 4:2, John 16:24

There is power in prayer. The most untapped, unused
power in the world is prayer. After we receive Christ
as our Savior and Lord, the greatest thing we can do
is develop a life of consistent prayer. The power of
Almighty God is available to us as His children if we
really learn to pray.

A good way to learn about prayer is to take the word
prayer and trace it through the Word of God. Study
each passage and meditate on it. I have done this with
the words prayer and pray and everything I could find
on the subject of prayer in the Bible, because above
everything else I want to be a man of prayer. This is
the life of power. There is power in prayer.

Needs Are Supplied

At Colonial Hills Church in Atlanta during the Great
Depression, we needed some money to put up a building.
You may not remember the Depression, but I was in it
and I know about that difficult time. Many people were
crowding into the church services, and scores were
being turned away from the doors. We desperately
needed to build.

The vacant lot next to the church had been purchased
by the denomination, and it was available to us to put
up a building, but we couldn't get money anywhere. It
was very difficult to get financing in those days. I
remember when my deacons came to me and said, "Pastor,
we can't find the money. We can't get it anywhere." I
said, "Brethren, God said He will supply all our
needs. It isn't God's will that people are being
turned away from the doors. He wants us to reach them
with His Word."

Although this was in the depths of the Depression and
I was just starting out in the ministry, I proposed to
my deacons that we ask God for $5,000. I suggested
that we pray for that amount as a token that God
wanted us to build. A few days later I received a
check for $5,000, the exact amount we had prayed for. ...

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