by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 13:7-8

Let us turn together to Hebrews, Chapter 13, and
verses 7 and 8. "Remember them that have the rule over
you, men that spake unto you the Word of God, and
consider the issue of their life; imitate their
faith." That is a wonderful statement, friends There
are people in this world whom we are to imitate--
-people who live close to God. I am thinking now of
one of the most Godly men I have ever known. He is a
man who studies the Bible, one of the deepest, most
spiritual men in the country in my estimation. And he
said, "The greatest influence I had was my Dad. He was
a godly minister. He lived to be nearly one hundred
years old.

In his life I cannot remember the least dishonorable
or unchristian act and his end was perfect quiet and
peace." Friends, consider the issue of the life of
Godly people who are round about us today! This same
man said, "The second man who had a great influence on
me was Dr. R. A. Torrey, the famous evangelist. One
day he was praying with me and for me, and I was so
greatly moved that I looked up and I saw tears in his
eyes. When I remember that man, in his manner of life,
and the glorious end of his life, my heart is filled
with a peculiar tenderness. It is said of Torrey, who
was a man of prayer, that when he came to his last
hour, he requested everyone to leave the room, that he
might spend his last hour with God."

This deep, spiritual man continued, "The third man who
had a great influence on my life was D. L. Moody. Just
before he died, he held a series of meetings in
Chicago. I heard him preach one day on Elisha
receiving Elijah's mantle. You could almost see that
mantle coming down as Elijah went up, and Elisha
receiving it and going forth in the power and strength
of that prophet. Mr. Moody went from Chicago to Kansas
City, where he was stricken down, and then to
Northfield, where he went to be with the Lord. An ...

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