by Jesse Hendley

God's Plan for Salvation
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 5:1

Friends, we want you to see the tremendous Plan as God
makes it in His Word. Turn with me now to Romans, 5:1
as we take up this study of GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION.
It is THE plan. What other plans amounts to anything?
God's Plan is the ONE whereby we sinners may be saved
and go to Heaven and live with Him for eternity!

We have been in evangelistic meetings all over the
country, and more and more we see that CHURCH MEMBERS
have no assurance of their salvation. I have found
people who for years have had some sort of "hope" and
yet do not know what it means to be SAVED. I have seen
people weep their hearts out when they found out God's
Plan of Salvation, saying they had never KNOWN how to
be saved until we explained the Plan, tears of regret
for wasted years and tears of joy in finding the
assurance of salvation. A young high school boy was
literally in terror, moaning and crying. Friends
couldn't do anything with him. I slipped over to him
and gave him the Plan of Salvation. And he said, "Why,
even a fool can understand that." And he went away
rejoicing in the Lord.

We can't be happy if we don't know we are saved. We
can't be useful and rejoicing. We can't be what we
ought to be for the Lord until we see this Plan and
see it clearly. How plain we want it to be!

Let us turn to Romans 5:1. Have a pencil and paper
there to jot clown these Scriptures and memorize them.
"Being therefore justified by faith, we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Notice, we
have PEACE with God. It's a wonderful thing to be able
to say that. It was a sinner who said that, you know -
--Paul, the Apostle. He said he was the "chief of
sinners," and he said, "I have PEACE with God."

Now Paul couldn't have been talking about "feeling."
He was talking about his STANDING in the presence of
God. It is the state in which God's smile is upon us.
It is the s ...

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