by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4:23-24
Romans 5:1-11

And now we turn to Romans, the great foundation-stone
of the entire Bible as to the Plan of Salvation. Now
in chapter 5 we learned that Abraham found something
wonderful in Ur of the Chaldees thousands of years
ago. He found out that we are saved through Jesus

Let me repeat: God will never bring anybody to heaven
in any other way but through FAITH IN JESUS.

We learned that Abraham believed a definite statement
that God made. His believing was counted for
righteousness, righteousness that Abraham did not
possess. In ourselves, we never have been righteous.
We are not now. And we never will be. No one but Jesus
has ever been righteous enough for God's Presence.
Time and again Paul tells us that all have sinned and
the best we do would still fall short of God's
Presence, God's Salvation, God's Heaven. We cannot
come through our own merit, good works, and
righteousness. They are all FILTHY RAGS in His sight!
That is what the Gospel reveals. How do we obtain the
necessary righteousness? By faith in the Lord Jesus.
It is UNTO ALL WHO BELIEVE. His righteousness is all
that will fit you for the Presence of God.

Now we read that when God's righteousness was imputed
to Abraham it was not written for his sake alone, but
for ours also. (Romans 4:23,24.) It is for us today,
who believe in the God who raised Jesus from the dead
and raised Him for our justification. Isn't it
wonderful, then, to have the Word of God? So our faith
actually RESTS UPON THE WORD OF GOD. We rest on the
statements of God, about what Jesus did for us on the
Cross. If a person turns aside from God's statements,
there is no salvation for him. Salvation comes from
BELIEVING ON CHRIST according to the Word of God. When
we believe Him, when we say, "God, You have told us
the truth, and I believe You gave Jesus to die for
me," then the sin question ...

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