by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4

Now let's turn to Romans 4 and find out what Abraham
found, hundreds of years ago. Abraham is in Heaven. In
Luke 16 we read of the beggar in Abraham's bosom.
Abraham was called the father of believers and he was
in that other world, heaven. One of the things that
Abraham found was HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN.

HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN is the great subject of Romans.
We have learned that the righteous shall live by
faith. We have found that salvation is perfectly free,
through the redemption of Christ. We learned that God
sent forth Jesus as the propitiation (the complete
satisfaction). We found it was through the Blood of
Christ. We saw that a man is justified by faith.

Now Abraham found the way of salvation back yonder in
the early days of the Old Testament. This is proof
that people in the Old Testament were saved by FAITH,
not by Law. Paul is raising the question, "What then
shall we say that Abraham, our forefather, had found,
according to the flesh?" What did Abraham find? Was
Abraham justified by works? What saith the Scripture?
"Abraham believed God and it was reckoned unto Him for
righteousness." He found out how he could be COUNTED
RIGHTEOUS. And that was by simply BELIEVING a
statement God made. FAITH IN GOD was the way. Abraham
believed something God said, and God in turn counted
that faith as a righteousness which Abraham himself
did not possess.

Now that word RECKON is a bookkeeping word. On one
side of the ledger we have "debit." Underneath debit
is Abraham's name. On the other side, we have the word
"credit." Now how is Abraham going to get out of the
DEBIT column into the CREDIT column? Can he do it by
works? No. Abraham wasn't justified by works. He could
not possibly, in God's eyes, EARN his way into credit
standing. Man is always short in God's sight, always
in the debit column. Now how can you get into the
credit side? The answer is B ...

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