by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 5:25-34

Today, friends, we are studying the Touch of Faith, by
the woman who touched Christ's garment and was made
whole. It is found in three of the Gospels. Mark wrote
about it in chapter 5, verses 25 to 34. Matthew wrote
about it in chapter 9, verses 20 to 22. And Luke wrote
about it in chapter 8, verses 43 to 48. So Matthew,
Mark and Luke all tell this wonderful story. How
wonderful it is to see the Blessed Christ walking
among men and in their need, healing them with a
touch, ministering unto them, changing their lives.

Now in Mark 5:22-24 we read the setting of the story.
You remember that Jairus, the ruler of the synagogue,
a man of high standing, had come to Jesus pleading
with Him to heal his little daughter who was dying.
Jesus immediately responded and started on His way to
Jairus' house. When did anyone come to Jesus for help
only to be sent away without it? Jesus is always ready
to hear and answer our needs. That is a wonderful fact
we are learning as we study the life of Jesus as the
Great Physician.

So Jesus was on his way to Jairus' house when an
unknown unnamed woman crept through the pressing,
crushing throng into the presence of the Master. Jesus
halted on His journey of mercy to heal this woman, and
then resumed his journey to raise the little girl from
death to life. So this gives us the setting of the

Mark says, "A certain Woman." An unnamed, unknown
woman. We will know her someday. Jesus thought enough
of her to heal her. Many are the people today who
count themselves as just one of the throng, unknown
and unnamed. They think, "Well, I'm not worth very
much anyhow in this world. The Lord wouldn't take time
to think very seriously about me." Friends, the Lord
knows you. He takes thought of you. The Lord Jesus
here elevated every "unknown" person, whom He has
made, into highest standing before God. In this same
story ...

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