by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 4:49-50
Luke 8:41

In Jesus' day, just as in these days, there were
people who did not believe in the resurrection of the
dead. Paul said, "Why should it be thought incredible
that God should raise the dead? If He created out of
nothing every creature in the entire world, should it
be thought incredible that He could raise from the
dead those whom He created?" Why should it be thought
incredible that God should raise bodies, friends?

Now God the Creator is also God the Healer, we read
all through His Word. God heals. He tells us, to pray
for healing.

The prophets prayed for healing. We read that Hezekiah
prayed and God added fifteen years to his life. We
find all through the Word that the requirement among
men for healing was FAITH. Without it there was no
healing. Sometimes it was faith on the part of loved
ones and friends, as in the record of the paralytic
whose friends brought Him to the Lord Jesus. He,
seeing THEIR faith, said unto the man, "Thy sins be
forgiven." The man was healed. He rose, took up his
bed, and walked. His healing came through the faith of
others. We learn also that our faith is a requirement
God does not heal anyone who does not believe He can
do it. How important it is to see what the Word of God
has to say about healing, because when sickness comes
to our homes, we will want to know how to pray and
what God says about Praying for healing. We will want
to know what to do.

Now in John 4:49-50 we have the record of a glorious
answer to prayer. A nobleman came to Jesus and said
unto Him. "Sir, come down ere my child die." This
nobleman was a man of authority. Not only did the poor
and humble come to Jesus; the men of authority and
position came to Him. He came to preach the Gospel to
the poor and to bind up the broken-hearted. But He
also came to all classes. God loves all men. God

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