by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 11:23
Revelation 22:12

I want to speak to you today on God's Payday. There is
a PAY DAY coming someday. Inevitably that day is
coming. It is an awful thing to realize that MAN CAN'T
GET BY WITH SIN. No one ever gets by. You say, "Well,
a lot of people have committed murder and never have
been apprehended." Don't forget, though, we are not at
the end of the way yet. GOD is still to be reckoned
with. The time is coming when ALL WHO LIVE IN SIN will
come to the judgment bar OF GOD. That is one judgment
bar they will not escape.

But just now we want to think about God's Pay Day for
the Christian. We don't get our pay down here.
Sometimes Christians fail when they see how the world
seems to enjoy itself, and how they as Christians have
a hard time. They take their mind off God's payday!
Friend, don't forget that the time is coming when God
will pay every Christian who lived for Him. The choice
is before us daily: live for Christ, or give up Christ
and live for the world.

The other night I went to a gathering of high school
young people and my heart was greatly disappointed to
see those young people, for whom I had the highest
regard as to their Christian testimony, giving
themselves to the ways of the world. My heart was
grieved. I didn't say anything. I didn't need to say
anything. I believe those young people know, in their
hearts, that they are not living FOR CHRIST when they
indulge in the ways of the world. I know what a
temptation it is to them. They say, "Well, all the
others are doing it." It is a fact that there are NOT
MANY young people who live the true Christian life
today. That is the trouble with Christianity. That is
why Christ's heart is bleeding---so few people are
willing to do His will. I think the reason for
Christian young people not living for Christ is that
they have not been properly instructed in the home.
Their parents have not ...

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