by Jesse Hendley

A Radio Message September 1947
By Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994

I received a letter from a mother and I will read it
to you now.

"Brother Hendley:

"We had the prettiest, sweetest little baby for over
three months, three months and five days to be exact,
and it died. Brother Hendley, I loved my baby, it was
so little and so sweet. It was a blue baby. The
doctors said it would always be sick all its life.
Some nights it didn't sleep any at all. Everybody who
saw it said it was as pretty as could be. It would
laugh and try to talk when it was a month old. I had
women to tell me that it was an unusual child. I know
it was the sweetest baby I ever saw. Brother Hendley,
what I want to know now is, will it know me in Heaven?
I sat and held it almost all its life. It gained very
little. Some people tell me there won't be any babies
in the spirit world, and that they will be as large as
grown people in Heaven and that it will be as large as
I am up there. What do you think about that? Some say
we won't even know one another in Heaven. They say if
we did, and we got up there and one of our loved ones
did not go to Heaven, that we couldn't be happy up
there. And they say Heaven is a happy place. What do
you think about that? Please, Preacher, explain it
over the radio, for I'll be listening to you. If you
only knew how bad I feel over it and how much I want
to see my baby again I believe you would do it. You
may say to read your Bible. I do every day, but there
is much I do not understand in the Bible, but I read
it every day, and as long as there is any breath in me
I will, if I possibly can. I know you have studied the
Word of God, so will you tell me what chapters and
verses and books to find out what I want to know and
please explain it to me? I do want to see my baby
again if it is God's will. Please help explain it to
-A Daily Listener.

Would to ...

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