by Jesse Hendley

Sermon By Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994

I want to speak to you on "The Indwelling Christ." He
is the answer to every problem in your life. Do you
have problems? Oh, life is so complicated! There are
so many trials. There are so many black Fridays.
There's so many dark days and cloudy days. There are
so many tears. But listen. Whatever the problem, I
know the answer to it. It is found in one word,
"Christ!" He's the answer to your problem. But you
say, "He's so far from me." No, He wants to come in,
so close that He will actually live in you. He will
merge His personality with yours. He will think His
thoughts through you. He will speak His words through
you. He will live and act through your hands and feet.

Now this is one of the most tremendously glorious
things that could happen to any of us. Christ liveth
in us!

Take these passages down---you'll want them---of the
indwelling Christ, as it is given in the Word of God.
I made these notes sometime ago as a young Christian,
and they meant much to my own heart. And I want to
call your attention to these passages of God's Word
about Christ, as the answer to every problem.

In Galatians 2:20 Paul says "Christ liveth-." Where?
Christ lives in the Bible? Christ lives in Heaven?
True. He IS in Heaven and He is in the Bible. But
Christ lives IN OUR HEARTS. Paul says "Christ liveth
IN ME!" Christ lives in the depth of my soul, in the
innermost part of my personality. Christ is living
within, thinking His thoughts through me, acting and
speaking His words through my lips, hearing through my
ears, seeing through my eyes, moving through my hands
and feet. Christ lives in me. That little Gospel
chorus means what it says, and that is what Christ
should mean to every believer, to everyone that loves
Him. I wonder if He possesses your entire life? I
wonder if He does?

Then look at Rev. 3 ...

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