by Jesse Hendley

Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907 - November 30, 1994

There is nothing more wonderful on this earth than a
real, God-given revival. There is nothing more
blessed, there is nothing that makes God's Presence
more real, there is nothing that more rejoices the
heart of the true child of God than when God sends a
real revival. The word Revival means literally "to
live again," and it is a time when God pours His life
into the individual's heart and the people are set on
fire and Heaven becomes real, and God is real and
prayer and the Bible are real, and Hell is real, and
men see Eternity as it really is. It is a time when
Heaven becomes very near and visits earth and visits
the hearts of men again with its searching, cleansing,
purifying and glorious power. It is a time when the
Blessed Holy Spirit of God again is given the
right-of-way in the human heart and fills every member
of the church who lets Him with the glories and powers
of Heaven. Surely, there is nothing on this earth as
rejoicing to the heart of God's people as a real
heaven sent revival. Revivals are periods when
Christians, dissatisfied with the coldness and
luke-warmness and lack of blessing from God and sin
and worldliness and deadness, come together and seek
the blessings of God to drive back the forces of
worldliness and unrighteousness and sin and Hell, and
to bring the blessings of God down upon the people
again in mighty power. In a revival, individuals are
searched, confess their sins, begin to really pray,
read the Word of God and seek lost souls. They
assemble at God's house for the public services. They
bring the lost to hear the preached Word. They pray
and they work with all their heart.

In revivals singing is no longer formal and dead but
is warm and spiritual and fervent. Preaching is no
longer a lecture or simply an intellectual
presentation of truth, dry and monotonous, but come ...

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