by Jesse Hendley

Reverend Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 3:28-29

If you have your Bibles, turn with me to the book
of Mark, chapter 3 verses 28 and 29, and the words of
our Lord Jesus Christ. Not long ago I was returning
from Florida with my wife. We went to Macon, Georgia
where I have a friend who had had many heart attacks.
A real man of God who walked with the Lord. I had
lunch with him and Louise and I sat across the table
looking into his face and I said, "Roy, how is it with
you?" and he said, "You know the doctor says I may
have a heart attack and go any minute." Perfect
victory, absolute victory because he knew the Lord and
was walking with Him. We went on back to Atlanta, and
a few days later I received a telephone call from his
wife. "Roy had a heart attack this morning and died.
I want you to come and preach his funeral service." I
said, "Dorothy, tell me what happened." She said,
"This morning at 6 o'clock he awoke with a massive
heart attack and I called over to the hospital to send
an ambulance. I dressed him and we were in the living
room and he was lying down on the sofa and his head
was in my lap. I was crying." She said, "He looked up
into my face and said, 'Honey, kiss me.' I bent over
and kissed him. Then he said, 'Honey, don't cry, I'm
going to be better off than you are.' About that time
we heard the footsteps of the people who were to take
him to the hospital. They took him to the hospital and
he was gone in a matter of a couple of hours."

Ladies and gentlemen, this morning I want to ask
you a question. How was it? How was it that a man
dying of a massive heart attack could look into his
wife's face and say, "Honey, don't cry. I'm going to
be better off than you are." The only answer to that
is Christian victory. He knew that he had God. And
in that moment, that is all that matters. The only
way that you can have God when you come to die is to
receive ...

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