by Jesse Hendley

THE REST of the People of God
in America's Most Dangerous Moment
by Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 37:7

In Psalm 37 we read these words: "Rest in the
Lord and wait patiently for Him." REST in the
Lord. REST, in a troubled world? REST, in a world of
fear? For this IS a world of fear. A pastor in
Norfolk, Virginia was telling me of some of his men
who work there in the largest naval base in the world,
and every one of the United States vessels that go out
from there are now going out with nuclear weapons! It
is a solemn thing when you hear a man of knowledge
like Mr. "Nelson Rockefeller say that we have no
RETALIATORY missiles that can reach Russian cities
with any degree of accuracy that we can depend on. In
spite of all that is being said about America not
being in danger, I don't know how anyone could say
that America is not in danger at this present moment,
Naturally, the leaders of our nation try to keep
people from being alarmed, I am not accusing them of
false statements by any means, but they are trying to
keep people calm. The fact remains that we are living
in a dangerous moment. Just recently the President of
the United States gathered together with the chiefs-
of-staff and the Secretary of State to consider the
next move of Russia with some degree of fear that some
tremendous thing is about to happen regarding Berlin
and Germany. We know that we are committed to war, if
necessary. We are committed to defend that situation
as it is at this present moment. We are living in
tremendous days, days of great fear. Right here below
us who ever would have believed that a little island
off the coast of Florida that has been the friend of
America all these years could be in such a terrible
grip of torment and disaster in this present moment by
Russian Communism? Yet there it is, at our very
doorstep. You say, "We have no fear of a little
island like that." Beloved, we have steadfastly ...

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