by Jesse Hendley

by Reverend Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 3:7

Now if you have your Bible, turn with me to the Book
of Hebrews chapter 3 and verse 7. Tonight, I want to
speak to you on the subject "The Holy Spirit Saith
Today." Now the word, "saith" is Old English. The
modern English says The Holy Spirit is constantly
saying, "Today if you will hear my voice, harden not
your heart." That is where I got the passage that the
Holy Spirit of God has spoken to you every day. If
you do not know as clear as the sunshine that you are
saved, God's Spirit comes every day; (if you haven't
crossed the dead line, if you haven't committed the
unpardonable sin), and says TODAY, not tomorrow or
next week or next month or on your death bed later on,
but today if you hear my voice; I am speaking to you,
if you will listen, harden not your heart. Don't walk
away, come to Christ and be saved. Now ladies and
gentlemen, the Holy Spirit has been here all this
week. Everybody knows it, everyone who has a thimble
full of spirituality. And He is here tonight in this
final service speaking to this great audience of
people. I want you to listen not to the human
voice, but to the voice of the Spirit of God who will
speak tonight to the hearts of the people in this
room. He will speak to your heart according to your

There are five reasons why the Holy Spirit of God
comes tonight. If you do not know you are saved 100%,
as clear as the sun shines, TODAY make sure. There
are five reasons. The first reason is: Without
Christ, you are lost. We use that word as common
language. Lost. One day it occurred to me as we use
that word, what does it mean? Does the Bible anywhere
say anything about what it really means to be lost?
In one particular passage I found in Ephesians 2:1 -
3, and there the Apostle Paul writes "Ye being dead in
trespasses and sins, walking according to the course
of this world, ...

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