by Jesse Hendley

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A Study of the Nations, Part One of Three
by Dr. Jesse M. Hendley

In this message, friends, you will find two different
truths. You will find a pessimistic viewpoint. The
Bible has a pessimistic viewpoint, pessimistic because
God says that there is no peace to the wicked, and as
long as wickedness abides there must be pessimism in
that regard. But there will be optimism for the
children of God, because God presents plainly the
victory of the saved. The nations of the people who
are saved shall walk in the light of the Holy City!
That is one of God's "shall's" and He means what He
says. God loves men and everything that God does is
in love, I want to remind you of that in the very
beginning of this message today. You are familiar
with John 3:16, "For God so loved the world." You are
familiar with First John 4 where twice we read. "God
is LOVE." He loves you! He loves every human being in
this world. It doesn't make any difference about the
color of our faces. It doesn't make any difference
about our race or nationality or anything else. When
God said He loved "the world," He meant EVERY PERSON
in the world. He meant every individual. I want you
to know that now.

My son and I were discussing the things of God's Word,
and his little tiny three-month-old baby was there
kicking around on the table on a little blanket we had
there, cooing, you know, and he looked with those fond
father's eyes upon that little babe, that he loves
with all his heart. We were talking about God. I said,
"Son you love that baby, don't you?" He said, "Yes, I
do Dad, more than anything in the world." I said,
"Well God loves YOU more than you could ever love that
child." What a wonderful thing to get hold of that
truth! Whatever our interpretation of the Word of God,
whatever it is, any portion, WE MUST interpret it in
the light of WHAT GOD IS, and G ...

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