by Jesse Hendley

by Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
I Samuel 3:13

Friends, I want to speak to you today on an important
subject THE DISCIPLINED LIFE, the importance of the
life of discipline. In First Samuel 3:13, God, says
of Eli, as He was speaking to the prophet Samuel, "I
have told him (Eli) that I will judge his house for
the iniquity which he knoweth, because his sons made
themselves vile and he restrained them not." There we
have the Lord blaming Eli for the destruction of his
sons. His two sons, you remember, perished not long
thereafter. They lived very evil lives. But I want
to call your attention to this fact: HE RESTRAINED
THEM NOT. God said Eli's sons made themselves vile
and their father didn't restrain them.

Discipline is taught us all the through the Bible. It
is not only in the Bible but is in human nature
itself. People MUST be disciplined. There MUST be
discipline in life. Life cannot run riot. We cannot
just have our own will and our own way. The root of
sin is SELFishness. If our hearts are SELFISH and we
are given our own way, the result will be TROUBLE,
inevitably. We will run up against it somewhere. If
a child is not disciplined in the home, then society
will have to discipline him. If society is not able
to discipline a child, then eternity will do it.
Judgment will come: God will have to do it.

Somewhere down the line there must be discipline. The
greatest things the world has ever known were done
through lives that were disciplined. I know a man who
is a very successful businessman, and yet he is
comparatively young. He tells how when he was a boy
his father would never let them have an idle moment.
He said that if there wasn't anything to do, his
father would make them dig post holes and fill them up
again. He didn't permit them to be idle. He said
they had to study their books. They had to do their
chores. There was no time hanging on their h ...

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