by Jesse Hendley

by Reverend Jesse M. Hendley
Joshua 1:9

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like
for you to turn with me to Joshua, the first chapter.
We are going to study today God's command to us to
cheer up. To CHEER UP! Someone said that the average
person standing on the street and looking at the faces
passing by will recognize that the average American
looks unhappy. Well, maybe that is so. It is not too
often that we see faces that are happy. Someone else
has said that in religion people are not happy, not
enjoying God, not enjoying religion. Well, there is a
reason for that. And to the people of God who will
LISTEN, God has a BLESSING! God has riches in His
Word that will enable us to live the life of GOOD
COURAGE and of STRENGTH, that is, spiritually, for
God, that we need not be defeated by anything, that we
as children of God HAVE VICTORY over everything that
may come our way. "We are more than conquerors through
Him that loved us." We ought to be living a life even
greater than the life of a great conqueror with the
whole world at his feet, everything beneath our feet,
everything defeated, victorious over our circumstances
and environments, over every fear without and within.
Actually, that is what God WANTS us to have.

So we have here VICTORY OVER FEAR, and the way to have
that is to have a character that is STRONG and OF GOOD

Now let's see this practically as we look at the Word
of God today. Remember that it IS very practical.
Not long ago I was reading about a lady who had by
mistake received a check that had been made out for
thousands of dollars when she was simply supposed to
have received her salary for about a week's time.
Humorously she went to the bank to try to cash it, you
know, and of course they wouldn't do it. She wasn't
really trying to cash it and everybody knew it; she
was just having a little fu ...

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