by Jesse Hendley

Reverend Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 57:15

Turn with me to Isaiah 57: 15. Tonight I want us to
think about eternity. Eternity. We are living on the
brink of eternity. We are a heartbeat from eternity,
and I want us to think about it tonight.

A few years ago I was asked to preach a funeral
service in Atlanta of a man who was a croupier in a
gambling casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He had gotten
in an argument with a man over gambling, and the man
pulled a gun and killed him. I had met his niece in
Atlanta one time and because he didn't belong to any
church, he had no pastor, no spiritual connection
whatsoever, no evidence in his life at all of any move
toward God, they asked me, a total stranger, to preach
his funeral service. I went out to a cemetery in
Atlanta, GA, and there his body was in that casket
before me and I preached that man's funeral service.
Now there was nothing good that I could say about him,
and I am a man that cannot eulogize somebody that dies
without Christ. I might say something about the
physical things that they did, but I cannot eulogize a
man and just put him to the heights when he lived his
life outside of Christ. I can't do that. I just
simply talked to the people around about the
graveside. That was all I could do. As I did, I had
the awful consciousness that the man whose body was
before me had gone into eternity lost. Without
Christ, without God, without hope and was in hell.

It is a tremendous thing to realize that you and I are
living on the brink of eternity. Now a lot of people
say don't talk to me about that, but the most
wonderful thing in the world is to realize that and to
be ready for it at any moment, and in anticipation of
it, instead of running from it. The surest way to be
lost is to run from the thought of eternity, and I am
living for eternity. There is a song about living
with eternity's values in view. And that is what w ...

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