by Duane Bemis

Where's the sash
Rev. Duane Lee Bemis
Jeremiah 13:1-12

Do you hear the word of the Lord? Would you like to hear His voice and be a mighty man or women of God? I know that I have thought that it would be great to be like a Jeremiah or a Moses. Most of us would raise our hands and say, "Here I am Lord send me." But the truth of the matter is, would most of us pass the first test from the Lord.

The Lord asks of the readers of this article to think about it. Do you really want to be a doer of His word and then be obedient to His voice. If you still want more and more of God I think we can learn from Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a common man. He was an ordinary man of bone, muscle, and blood. What made him extra-ordinary was his obedience to the voice of God. Let us look at just one act of his obedience. Use your holy imagination and walk with me through this chapter.

Thus the Lord said to me; "Go and get yourself a linen sash, and put it around Your waist, but do not put it in water." (Jeremiah 13:1)

Now this first word of the Lord seems pretty easy, but think about it. You are just waking up and God tells you to go find a sash and then do not wash it. In fact, do not even get it wet with water. But what about your morning shower? And think for a moment? Why am I doing this? What will everyone at work say when I walk in wearing this thing around my waist, what am I to tell them? You say something like, "The Lord told me this morning to find a sash and put it on," all the people will think you are crazy. How will our spouses act or think? Or how will our children look at us during breakfast? I think they will just roll there eyes at our stupidity.

And if that isn't enough what about going to bed and still wearing this sash thing, what will our spouses think? Especially when we don't wash it. They are going to think you have truly lost it this time. I can hear them now, "Are you sure you heard God this morning and not last night's pizza?"

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