by Duane Bemis

My Grace is Sufficient
Duane Bemis
2 Corinthians 12:9

I lay in my bed suffering in excruciating pain, something I had been battling for the last decade. The pain came from a high school sports injury. Four years later, when I was twenty, my condition was further aggravated by an auto accident - a head on collision, sending me to the hospital for three weeks with a broken nose, three broken ribs, a separated sternum, and whip-lash. Despite the physical injuries, the emotional trauma was far worse since my two children, Andrew and Nicole, were killed in that early-morning accident in Winslow, Arizona. Twenty years later, the excruciating pain began in my cervical (neck) region and continued almost constantly for ten years. My only respite was to lay motionless trying to find God amidst the pain. No human, not even the gentle touch of Darilyn, my wife, could help me. She would try to talk to me but most of the time I would just motion to her that I was fine. It was God I sought in the dark and silence of that room. He was my only hope. Here was a secret place amidst my suffering where I could hear His gentle voice. Through His gift of spiritual language, there came an outpouring from me to Him and a consequent flooding in my soul - a joyful dancing of my spirit-man that lasted as long as I could divorce myself from the physical pain. In time, I learned to separate my spirit man from my earthly man, silencing the pain as I communed with Him even as the earthly man's neck throbbed with excruciating pain.

From the secret place, His words to the Apostle Paul echoed in my mind as I begged for healing: "My grace is sufficient" (2 Corinthians 12:9). I groaned within, "This is not what I had in mind." I wanted healing and I knew the Lord Jesus could heal. I had seen Him heal those around me. The previous Sunday, Darilyn and I had laid hands on a child who needed eye surgery. We watched her eyes go from crossed to perfectly normal instantly. The doctors were amazed ...

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