by Duane Bemis

Confronting Goliath
Rev. Duane Lee Bemis M.Ed.
1 Samuel 17

I hear the Spirit of Truth whisper in my ear, "I want you to look back into a familiar biblical story and I will open it as never before. Look into the story of David and Goliath and I will show you new things." My heart did not jump into action since I knew this story all so well. I mean everybody knows the story of the young boy who faced the giant Goliath with his slingshot. I have eighteen trips cover to cover through the bible what could I personally glean from repeating this story one more time. I have even preached this story many times. As I wrestled again with God, I heard His all to quiet voice utter this, "You will find another cleansing message for my people. Another message which will set My people free." I then repented for my arrogance and partnered with God on another of His adventures through His holy manuscript.

This will be one of the most fascinating and powerful adventures through God's holy Word. We embark on this quest under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as our personal teacher. Are you ready to travel with me through this teaching sent from the throne of heaven? Hold on to your hat and put on your seat belt as we embark on this journey of epic proportions.

Let us begin with a word of prayer: "Father of expectation, power and mercy we call upon You to Guide and direct our heart though this story of the young David. Forgive me for my prideful arrogance thinking I know it all. Release my heart and mind to be accessible and expanded by my Creator. Who am I to think that You are so little, enlarge my thinking to encompass the big-ness of who You really are. Open my heart to understand then unroofed the heart of the reader to go beyond his or her own understanding. Lord give us the bigger picture from Your perspective. We welcome the teacher the Holy Spirit to come and demonstrate the power of God to change our hearts for better. We call on Heaven to send holy fire, the refi ...

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