by Duane Bemis

Relax, Enjoy the Ride
Rev. Duane Lee Bemis
Isaiah 40:31

I was minding my own business while I was worshipping God at church one Sabbath and from the Spirit flowed this vision. I was caught up in the pure joy of this scene and the effortless peaceful flight the one that was ridding enjoyed. I a man of common dirt have learned to capture these visions with my pen or pencil. After the vision plays out I sit and start to draw and it is here that God talks to my heart through His anointed word. It is then that I meditate and research the scriptures for His heart beat.

Before we start on this new journey through God's inspired word, let us pray.

"Father, teach us through Your Holy Spirit. Demonstrate Your awesome power and Your heartbeat found in this drawing. Ignite our hearts to trust in You. Help us to fling our hearts into surrendering to Your ultimate control. Your divine path of righteousness is truly our hearts desire. Help our minds to align with our hearts in these matters of the Spirit which we know to be true."

"Jesus, even the title of this story grasp at the very core of our earthly hearts. Help us to relax in You and You alone. Help us in this fast pace society in which we live to learn how to enjoy the ride. Oh sweet Jesus our hearts cry out, "Help us please!"

"Holy Spirit, we invite You to come and make a difference. We understand that the real problem in Christianity is not You. The problem lies within us. Mold us, make us, and transform us into Your Holy image. Holy Spirit You are welcome into the very essence of these words. Fill every word with Your Anointing, Your power, and Your peace. Oh, Holy Spirit, please come and change our hearts." Amen and Amen.

Many of the visions and dreams that have come my way are in the form of cartoon shorts. Most seem to be played out in a very short span of earthly time. Yet in all of them I seem to be able to recall them and spend hours if not days understanding the fullness of each one.

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