by Duane Bemis

Secret Agents of God
Rev. Duane Bemis
James 1:22

Imagine, at a Christian School, we have "Secret Agents of God." What is a "Secret Agent of God?" I brought a teaching on the prayers from our closet, and how God moves on those prayers that only He hears. I spoke about my seventeen years in public school, how I prayed over my student's chairs, and how they would tell me later how much peace was in my classroom. I shared how to be excited about "doing" Christianity, how wonderful it is to see God at work in our efforts to do His will, and for God alone to receive all the glory.

The stage was set, and now the "007's of God" were ready to work. One by one, God's agents have picked up their assignments and gone to work.

God's Secret Agent, "Doug Goodbook: 001," set into action. He was in a stealth mode. It was late one night, and the house was quiet when he slid the Holy Bible under the pillow of his close friend. The agent's friend had lost his Bible weeks earlier. "Doug Goodbook" just wanted to bless his friend with a Bible from his own stash. This covert operation, directed and ordered by the big J.C. (Jesus Christ), won this secret agent a golden cup award of peace that night when his friend's head hit the pillow. Agent "Doug Goodbook" heard him squeal with delight. The agent told his friend to just read it and enjoy the big J.C.'s words. Another successful assignment accomplished by a fifth grader from school. This agent knows that his God--his boss, hears his prayers; the prayers which he utters are acted upon by his Savior.

Where and when will the next adventure in true Christianity surface?

The very next day, secret agent, "James Doer: 002" decided to take a special assignment. Commissioned by his boss, the big J.C., he set out to take on the assignment of close encounters with a parent. Agent "James Doer" could see distress setting into the face of a female parent: his own. She was upset with life, and the dangerous situation which was at h ...

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