by Duane Bemis

Activate the Holy Spirit
Duane Bemis
John 14:26

This month has also brought the teachings on the Christian life after salvation. The fire and power of the Holy Spirit were taught from John chapter 14. We talked about how to live a victorious Christian life, along with the three main weapons of the saint:

1. The Word of God
2. Praise and Worship
3. Fasting and Prayer

In each of these areas, we needs to have God's Holy Spirit to activate His power.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth--according to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is also the Helper, Teacher, and Wonderful Counselor. In John chapter 14, Jesus also said that the job of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of what He has said.

All could see how the Holy Spirit was needed in each area. We need the Spirit to bring us fresh revelation knowledge--to be able to understand His truth found upon the pages of Scriptures.

All could understand how the Holy Spirit was in the presence of the praises of His people. And many understood the purpose of worship and intimacy with Christ--that from the Holy of Holies God would speak. Those present in the first teaching session were at Sunday School and all fifteen wanted to receive this free gift.

Next, I taught on the power of the Holy Spirit as we release Him through fasting and prayer. The Holy Spirit de ...

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