by Duane Bemis

Pass Another Brick, Please
Isaiah 49:15-16
Rev. Duane Bemis
Subject: Death and the Recovery Process

Twenty-three years ago, I laid upon a bed suffering fractured ribs, a broken nose, and a separated sternum. My physical body healed relatively quick; within twelve weeks of my injury I was nearing total recovery.

But found within the walls of this man's heart was death, guilt, and brokenness. The memories, the hurt, and all the grief were so far buried within the walls of my own heart and mind, I thought I would never have to experience the sorrow again.

However, there was no doctor to heal this man's heart. There was no counselor to help this heart find its pieces so it could be put together once more. I had lost my one and only son and my daughter-to-be. She laid within the walls of that secret place where God Almighty was forming her. Her eyes had not yet seen the light of day, yet her ears had heard the voice of her earthly father through the walls of that secret place. Her arms had not yet found her father's hands and her heart had not yet found out how tender her earthly father's love was. She did know her Heavenly Father, and He who holds the keys to death and Hades called this little one home. With open arms her Heavenly Father gathered her up and welcomed her home, for she had accomplished all she was sent to do. Within moments, her world was violently altered by a force so severe, that upon impact, she was severed into pieces; but she suffered not.

She entered the highest courts of honor and into the perfect Lamb of God's arms. There He greeted His little princess, and Nicole Lynn entered eternal peace.

But the earthly father's arms ached for his little girl. This earthly father found his lap empty. His heart was broken and his arms could hug nothing but the cold pillow of his hospital bed. Alone, hurt, broken, hiding, and fighting back the tears of despair, I was sinking deeper into the pit of emotional depression.

My son, my only ...

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