by Duane Bemis

Pornography--How to Get Free
Rev. Duane Bemis
Psalm 26:2,3

My hands are directly connected to my heart's passion, and that passion finds its expression in art. My name is Duane Lee Bemis, and I want to express the dangers of trying to fulfill one's lust through the defilement of others in pornography. At one point in my quest to become an artist, I found it easy to draw what my flesh desired most. It happened, as if by accident, as I enrolled at the local community college to advance my artistic talent. The class was called Figure Drawing. The first day of class, I witnessed a live female model, completely naked. She just sat or stood for hours as the students looked and drew.

My heart's passion to fulfill the lusts of my flesh enjoyed its eyeful. But it was never satisfied. What I saw in class wasn't enough. I began to draw the same from magazines. I called it "beautiful," I called it "art."

Lately, I have found a new passion. My hands now only draw what will bring my Savior, my Redeemer, glory. It is my Lord Jesus Christ who has set these hands and their guiding heart free from the bondage that had chained my heart to the lusts of the flesh.

It was a long, dark bondage. A slave to what my eyes and heart desired, Satan had found that area in me where he could trap my heart, hands and mind. Satan and his little followers had tried to use drugs, but I wouldn't touch anything that would control my body.

One day, I stopped by a fellow art student's house only to find him harvesting same twenty green plants of the illegal variety--marijuana. Once again my heart said, "Never!" I never did touch the stuff, but Satan found my own personal weakness, my addiction, my chains and my bondage. It was to be the passion of the flesh, the one ecstasy known to the human body.

It began with simple magazines that I found, it seemed by accident, then moved on to XXX-Rated movies depicting every imaginable act. Satan soon shortened the chains on my wrists as I learn ...

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