by Duane Bemis

Rev. Duane Bemis
Isaiah 49:15-16

During prayer one night, I heard a cry. The cry came from a deep, secret place; I knew I was to find a quiet place to seek God's face over this tiny cry. I left the church, and went into the parking lot to the shelter of my car. I needed a place of solitary where I would not be disrupted. Once I shut the car door, the cry became so real. What you are about to read is what I heard, and I know it to be divine heavenly truth.

I was a public school teacher. One of my students and I had a talk after school because her sister was going to have an abortion the next day. My student did not want her sister to go through with this act of violence, but she could not persuade her sister's hard heart. I thought nothing else about this situation. During prayer, it was far from my agenda, for I had a list of people and situations which I needed to attend to. Then came God, and my agenda was laid aside as I chose to pick up God's heartbeat of this inner murder.

"Father, prepare the reader's heart to hear the silent scream of the secret world within the walls of the womb. Open their hearts to read Your truth as it is spoken from the other side of birth. In this new millennium, let us see this issue from Your perspective. Let all that read this flyer desire to become proclaimers of truth. Father, I desire to speak for this silent majority. Amen"

As soon as I quieted my heart to hear from God, it was as if the veil was lifted and I was able to hear and see this baby in the womb of its mother. I became a reporter and as fast as this little one spoke I wrote. Here is her story.

"Oh, I wish you knew me! How could you even think of crushing my head in the hands of the doctor's cold steel tools? How can you kill me, when I'm so innocent of any wrongs? Let me live, let me cry, let me breathe. Let me hug your neck, MOMMY. Don't let them suck my arms down that tube of death and darkness. I long to see the light. I love you MOMMY, I l ...

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