by Giorgio Gori

Sowing Seeds
Giorgio Gori
Psalm 126:5-6

Speakers notes
- A short (20 minute) sermon on sowing seeds.
- A practical guideline to inspire greater holiness and witnessing.
- To teach about the importance of preparation.

Sowing and reaping are mentioned 518 times in the Bible. It is one of the key themes running throughout scripture and it is something we should all be aware of. However knowing the doctrines and teachings of scriptures but not applying them has no value (James 4:17) and so today I want to look very briefly at 5 interesting observations about sowing and reaping and how they apply to our lives.

The sower must have seeds to plant.

This may sound obvious but if you watch many Christians, you will soon find that this statement, which we consider so obvious, is in fact not translated into practice.

You need to receive before you can give. Let's be clear here, the only way to receive seeds from God is to spend time reading and meditating upon His Word. The more time you spend and the more often you do it, the more seeds you will have to sow. Who have you been receiving from? If not directly from God, then your seed will not be perfect. You can't rely on books or sermons or fellowship as your primary source of hearing God's voice! You have got to hear it for yourself via daily meditation with God - in private, just you and Him. The Bible, which is the Word of God, contains seeds for the sower. How much time do you spend filling your bag with the precious seeds? It is not listening to tapes or Christian music or even relying on the weekly sermon and attendance at church, even though that will be of some help. It must come from the Word. 2 Cor 9.10 implies that God is the provider and supplier of the seed - You can't do it in your own strength.

This leads us to the next point which is that the sower prepares himself before he goes out. This takes time and does not happen overnight. Also it is an experiential knowledge not merely an intell ...

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