by Giorgio Gori

Fulfilling Your Destiny
Giorgio Gori

Bonsai cultivation is so advanced that trees that normally grow to 30meters have been cultivated as perfect miniatures measuring between 30 - 40 cm. The top selling Bonsai plants in the world today are Pines, Cedars and Cypress's. These plants can be up to 300 years old.

Many Christians resemble Bonsai trees and the devil loves it. In fact, the devil's destiny for you and me is that we remain a stunted and dwarf Christian just like a Bonsai is in the plant kingdom. Let me explain this further:

1. A Bonsai is a dwarf example of the tree God intended, except it is useless! For example:

- Pine trees have soft, workable timber and in scripture they are an example of a servant being useful in the kingdom of God. But have you ever thought of making furniture out of a Pine Bonsai?

- Cedars - They grow very tall and are used as a figure of stature (Amos 2:9), grandeur (Psalm 92:12) and majesty (2 Kings 14:9). Whatever you say about a Bonsai, you certainly can't call them statuesque, grand or majestic.

- Cypress - provides quality timber

2. Fruit bearing bonsai's produce fruit in proportion to their size. These fruits are thus completely inedible and useless. What god is fruit that cannot be used for what it was intended for?

3. Trees in scripture are used to illustrate 2 distinct functions as metaphors for God's servant:

Firstly they produce fruit and secondly they provide shade. Now trying to get shade from a bonsai tree is only possible if you are an insect or a worm!

4. Bonsai's were developed because Japanese love nature but have limited space and so they adapt the trees to fit their circumstances. But hasn't God called us to influence our surroundings, rather than be formed by the circumstances around us? Here are some of the characteristics that we as Christians should possess:

- Salt (Mat 5:13) - to preserve

- Light (Mat 5:14) - to defeat the darkness

- Rejoice in all circumstances (Phil 4: ...

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