by Steve Jones

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Steve Jones
Ephesians 1:19-22

INTRO: The October '92 issue of Time magazine carried an article about a body found by a couple of German tourists while hiking in the Austrian Alps. At first they thought it was a doll's head sticking out of the melting ice. But on closer inspection, Helmut Simon and his wife realized the head was human. Seeing what looked like a surface wound, they suspected foul play. They had no idea what they had found.

The Simons hurried to a hikers' shelter to report their find. Police were called to investigate what was believed to be the death of an ill-fated climber. The police had no idea what they had found.

It wasn't until the director of the Innsbruck's Institute for Prehistory was summoned that anyone knew the significance of the find. Here was by far the oldest human ever found virtually intact. The body is thought to hold thousands of clues about the age in which he lived; his clothing and equipment may reveal thousands more. He is one of the most sensational scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

We don't always realize the significance of an event or object.

A man cleaned out his attic for a garage sale and was telling his friend about an old Bible he'd sold which had been printed by Gutten somebody. His friend said 'Guttenburg? Don't tell me you sold a Guttenburg Bible. That book was worth thousands of dollars to collectors!' The man said 'Not this one, somebody named Martin Luther had scribbled notes all in it.'

We don't always realize the significance of an event or object.

That truth occasioned the prayer of Paul for the Ephesian church recorded in Eph.1:17-19a. The Ephesians were Christians, familiar with the historical facts of the gospel, the death burial and resurrection of Jesus. But Paul's desire was that they move beyond basic familiarity with the facts to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their spiritual significance. As an Apostle, Paul's jo ...

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