by Steve Jones

What Is a Minister?
Steve Jones
John 13:1-17

INTRO: During the reign of Oliver Cromwell of England, they ran short of silver for coins, looked around and found that the most silver in England was located in the statues of the saints in the cathedrals. Cromwell said 'Let's melt the saints down and put them into circulation.' That's what every member ministry is - melting down the saints and putting them into circulation.

It's not just the preacher who is a minister. It's not just the paid staff of a church who are ministers. It's not just the ordained who are ministers. The word minister literally means 'servant' and every Christian is called to be one.

Gal.5:13 'Serve one another in love'

In John 13 Jesus illustrates what it means to be a minister, a servant. Today let us see five qualities of a minister.


VS.1 'Having loved His own who were in the world, He now showed them the full extent of His love.'

1) Jesus' service to the disciples, His washing of their feet, was motivated by love. Not personal ambition, not glory, not money - love. It had to be. Look at the people He was ministering to.

a. Simon Peter was so arrogant he rebuked Jesus on two occasions thinking he knew what was more appropriate for the Messiah than the Messiah Himself.

b. James & John had uncontrollable tempers and were called the sons of Thunder.

c. Judas Iscariot had already made up his mind to betray Jesus and sell him out for thirty pieces of silver.

d. The rest were so proud they neglected common social courtesies, such as foot-washing, in their rush to gain the best places around the supper table.

It takes love to minister to a congregation like that and these were the best of the lot.

QUOTE: Those who deserve love the least need it the most.

2) A minister must love people because most ministry and service is administered to people. To be a servant of Christ means we're going to get involved with s ...

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