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True Love Is Loyal Love (1 of 4)
Steve Jones
Ruth 1

INTRO: Some of the great love stories of history and literature would probably include Adam and Eve, Mary and Joseph, Anthony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, Romeo and Juliet, Gable and Lombard...Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly. Not!

Why don't Harding and Gillooly fit in that line-up. Didn't they love each other? Probably in a certain sense. But as their story played out in the national media, it became apparent that their love was missing an element that is present in all great loves - loyalty. One newspaper wrote about their conspiracy in the attack on ice skater Nancy Kerrigan: 'They had vowed to stick together, but Harding implicated Gillooly and then he implicated her.'

This sermon is the first of four parts from the book of Ruth. Ruth has four chapters and we will present one sermon from each chapter. The book of Ruth is a great love story and each chapter reveals a different aspect of the kind of love that God approves and desires. It's as if God looked down upon the drama of Ruth's life and the quality of her love and said, 'That's too beautiful to let pass, write it in the Book for all to see.'

Today we will study Ruth chapter one which reveals that true love is a loyal love. We will see three qualities of loyal love.


This chapter is a study in understatement. In twenty-two brief verses the writer paints a picture of tragedy, death and heartache. A famine struck the land of Israel. Because of the famine, an Israelite man, Elimelech, took his wife Naomi and two sons and moved to a foreign country called Moab. Then Elimelech died and Naomi was left a widow with her two sons. They married Moabite women named Orpah and Ruth. Then the two sons died. So Naomi the mother was left a foreigner in Moab with no blood relatives. An old, widowed woman, alone, in a culture that was not easy on women. Naomi decided to go home to the land of Israel. She turned t ...

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