by Steve Jones

Steve Jones
John 8:1-11

Introduction: An antique dealer spotted a valuable antique bowl in a hardware store. Although it was worth thousands of dollars, it was being used to feed the owner's cat. Not wanting to alert the owner to its value, the clever dealer said, 'I'd like to buy your cat. I'll give you twenty dollars for him.' The owner resisted until the dealer offered $100 at which point he sold the cat. The dealer then said, 'I assume I'll get the bowl to go with the cat?' The owner replied 'Oh no, that's my lucky bowl. I've sold 34 cats with it this week!'

Sometimes the people who try to trap others with their words wind up being the victims themselves. That's what happened in John chapter 8 when a group of Jewish leaders tried to corner Jesus between a rock and a hard place. They wanted to force Jesus into a public choice that would portray Him as either against the people, or against God. Instead, Jesus demonstrated that He was for both. And in the process, Jesus sprang an important trap of His own. Let's look at four traps that are illustrated in this story. Each one reinforces the truth that God is for us.


This incident took place in the month of September. We know this because it occurred toward the end of a seven-day Jewish holiday called the Feast of Tabernacles which always fell in that month. In the Feast of Tabernacles the Jews celebrated their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Moses led them out of their bondage in Egyptian cities and they learned to live in tents, or tabernacles, in the wilderness. So the Jews celebrated this feast by camping out under the stars in tents for seven days.

Ironically, after celebrating their forefathers deliverance from slavery to the Egyptians, the Jewish leaders bring to Jesus, the prophet like unto Moses, a woman who is in slavery to sin...the sin of adultery.

Sin is a trap. The Bible says that this woman was 'caught' in adu ...

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