by Dick Onarecker

Found Wealth: God's Response to a Willing Heart
Richard Onarecker
Exodus 35:4-5; 10; 20-22; 31; 36:3-7

A preacher asked what I planned to preach about. I said, "The spirit of liberality." He responded, "Great! We need to resist that with all our might." I realized vocabulary could be a problem here. There is a difference between liberality and liberalism. Liberalism is that which diminishes the authority of fundamental doctrines of the faith. Liberality if open-handedness; open-heartedness; the characteristic spirit of Jesus that leads to supernatural prosperity. It IS the spirit of revival.

This passage reveals a marvelous window of joy in what was otherwise a dismal 40-year period in the life of this Israelite congregation. Throughout the 40- year period, most of the people exhibited meanness of heart. They were stiff-necked, rebellious, stingy, jealous, envious, petty, selfish, self-centered, quarrelsome, and full of strife-ridden characteristics.

There was one window of joy: an outburst of a glorious, blessed time. These Hebrew people offered willing hearts, and gave offerings and built the Temple. It was such a blessing, that even until now, the descendents of the Hebrews are blessed with the supernatural prosperity God gave them.

How do you unlock the treasure buried in the response of God to the offering of a willing heart? Several keys are given here referring to the spirit of giving--liberality. We see specific times when God's Spirit worked through a willing heart.

First, in chapter 35, verse 32 "They CAME to him, as many as were willing hearted." They came with cheering hearts and open attitudes. They did not come out of duty or fear of public censure, but with hearts willing and ready to begin. When the offering of a willing heart ready to begin working was given, God responded with a supernatural work.

It happens within: under the surface of a people (a congregation). God works a spirit of revival into a ...

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