by Dick Onarecker

The Valley of Decision
Richard Onarecker
Joel 3:2-18

The first thing you must understand about this message is what it is not. It is not the picture or portrayal of one man standing in the valley of decision, deciding whether or not he will serve God. This is not the picture of a place where a man will have ANY decision that he is allowed to make. The time for men's decisions is past.

The second thing you must understand about this passage is what it is. The name Jehoshaphat is a word comprised of several Hebrew words which literally mean, "the Lord, Jehovah, even God, He will judge." That tells you what this valley is. It is the valley where God will decide: the valley of God's judgment.

The modern New Age Movement, which is the continuation of the mystery Babylon religions that began at the tower of Babel, teaches three primary principles. Each one is predicated on the three basic lies of Satan. His three lies are:

You can be God
There is no personal evil
There is no final judgment.

The New Age Movement has done much to influence the thinking of our modern day church. As a result, people think God will be influenced more by our philosophies and our evaluation of what He should do, than by God's own holy standards. They think men do not sin, that they simply make mistakes and that God will excuse these mistakes because "after all, we're only human." People believe there will be no final accounting for each one's personal life as measured by the perfect standard of Jesus.

This passage tells you perfectly and infallibly that this judgment event will take place. God will assemble the nations with all their power and might, and at that very moment, God Himself will judge. The reality of this truth should sober the lethargic modern church. We have been lulled to sleep by the insidious plague of humanistic philosophy.

Jesus Christ confirms this truth in Matthew 13:39, where Jesus clearly defines two harvests.

Fir ...

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