by Dick Onarecker

Fix Your Old Bag
Richard Onarecker
Mark 2:22; Matthew 9:17

Would you like to go to your closet and discover a whole new wardrobe? Do you like new things? New beginnings? Do you like it when god makes you new?

Have you ever noticed how we "love" it when someone else becomes new, just not us? It seems as though when we talk about God doing a new work in someone, or helping someone become changed, it is always the other person we want helped, changed, or made new!!

Endings are important. In Revelation 1:8, God says, "I am the Alpha and Omega." Omega means the ending of the devourer. There are occasions when God must bring about a holy ending before He can initiate new beginnings. It would be a real blessing if God would raise His Mighty Arm and cry "Enough." There are areas in each of our lives where we need this kind of help. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what things God might want to change. Then, tell God you will agree with Him and He will say "Enough." and bring you a new beginning.

Only God can declare "Behold, I will do a new thing." No one else has permission, authority or ability to do a new thing in your life except god. In Mark 2:22, Jesus talks about pouring new wine into bottles. He compares the fermentation of the wine to the activity of the Holy Spirit. You do not pour new wine, or new activity, into old wineskins (or old lives). If you do so, the vessel will perish. The wine has strength and vitality and life that will break old, cracked hard skin.

It is important to know the history of a wineskin. We need to keep in mind what god is doing with His church right now too. God is currently nudging His church, saying, "Get ready. I am doing a new thing. The main event is about to take place; something like you have never seen before. I am about to pour out My Spirit on all flesh. I'm about to do a new thing."

Be careful here. A new thing is not always a different thing. The farmer plants a new cro ...

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