by Dick Onarecker

Resurrection Proof: Jesus Is Lord
Dick Onarecker
Mark 16

Easter Morning must feel similar to how Moses felt on the Mountain of God; Mt. Horeb. He saw a bush burning, but the bush was never consumed. The angel of the Lord appeared to Moses there and told Moses, ''...put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.'' When you and I celebrate the resurrection of our Savior we are on Holy Ground! Easter is a sacred celebration of the power of Christ. Why chills should run over your body just to think of this power. Thrills should burst from your soul as you realize what was done for you. This power of Jesus, available to shape destinies of men forever and ever. Easter Morning. This celebration. The celebration IS that JESUS IS LORD. Resurrection proof: Jesus is Lord.

In the Bible, we are given a picture of men and women going to the empty tomb on the risen Lord. The reaction of the different ones, and the facts surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ, all point to the fact that Jesus IS totally Lord. The fact that some refused to accept His Lordship then, and that even some refuse to accept today, does not alter this basic truth and fact. His resurrection IS proof: proof that should compel us to humble worship; proof that should cause us to tremble as we treat Him with disrespect through neglect, indifference, or rebellion.

Mark's account of Easter morning deals with people who went to the tomb, what they expected to find there, and with what they learned there. Two of the women brought spices to anoint the dead body of Jesus. They went expecting to find the huge stone in front of the tomb. That stone, placed there by Roman guards, was placed there for all to see the power of man over Jesus. What did the women see? Why, the stone was rolled away. They expected to find a bleeding and broken body, but the body was gone! The only thing they did find was an angel who said, ''Be not amazed...He is risen.'' The Bi ...

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