by Dick Onarecker

Are You Ready for One World Government?
Dick Onarecker
Revelation 12:1-6; II Timothy 3:1; I Timothy 4:1; Matthew 24:24

The most important question you will ever answer is "What is your response to the claims of Christ?" Another important question is, "Are you ready to face the judgement seat of Christ?" where we will each give a personal accounting. There is still another significant question to be pondered: "Are you ready for the coming one world government, and all that will take place at that time?"

Think about this. You can't go back. Remember when President Bush suggested the idea of a "kinder and gentler America." The problem is, you cannot go back. We are constantly moving forward toward the Biblical description of the last era of human history prior to Christ's return. I'll admit it would be nice if you could go back! It used to be simpler. For example, when we talked about demonic influence years ago, it means something different to us than it does now.

One lady came home with a large package under her arm. Her husband didn't really notice too much until she came out of the bedroom wearing a brand new fur coat. Her husband hit the roof when she told him what it cost. She looked at him with an alluring smile and said, "Honey, the devil made me do it!" He fired back and said, "well, why didn't you use a Biblical approach, and tell the devil to get thee behind you!" She replied, "I did that. Then the devil told me how much better the coat looked on me from behind."

That may have once been the most dramatic demonic influence with which you were familiar! However, if scripture is true, it will not be the most dramatic demonic influence with which you WILL become familiar. You need to evaluate your present knowledge, your spiritual armor, and the influences you allow surrounding yourself and your family. Ask yourself this question: "Am I prepared for the coming one world government and all that accompanies that event?"

I ...

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