by Dick Onarecker

The Conspiracy of that Old Dragon, the Devil
Dick Onarecker
Revelation 17:1-7

Not long ago, I had a minute to relax in front of the TV. I turned the dial and instantly was captured by the intense drama unfolding on the screen. The scene was a quiet Japanese village. The people were going about their business, when suddenly, in the background; a man in a dragon suit was pushing over power lines, destroying buildings, and smashing airplanes out of the sky. All the while, he was headed for the quiet Japanese village and the people didn't even notice his approach.

Well, the intensity was just too much for me! I turned it off. Can you imagine those people being in the path of a 90foot man in a dragon suit and not even be aware of his approach?

Turn to today's scripture.

There is a dragon headed toward your neighborhoods and homes. He is wreaking a path of destruction as he destroys homes and marriages. He is gaining ground as he obliterates the minds of your children and tears at the very fabric of society and every godly value.

Satan is referred to in the Revelation as a dragon; a serpent. He duplicates everything that God does. He perverts and uses every thing Christ does as a pattern for his deadly demonic work. In Chapter 12 of Revelation, the scripture speaks of a woman who gives birth to a child. The woman is Israel, and the child is Jesus Christ who came into the world through Israel. Jesus fulfills God's promise of Genesis 3:15. The woman spoken of in Chapter 12 introduces the Truth: the Good News.

Now we have another woman, an evil woman called a harlot. In her, you have a prostitute of the truth, and a system of religion, which is historically marked by its marriage to the World.

As God called for the nation of Israel, they were a people in covenant with God: a covenant community. Israel was to be a nation under God, and the church is to be a nation under God. The church is never to be under the domination or the ...

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