by Dick Onarecker

The Power of the Prime Requisite
Dick Onarecker
Isaiah 32:14-17

Imagine a group of wounded soldiers lying on the battlefield. Their life-blood is spilling out into the mud where they have fallen. Their ammunition is spent. Their comrades are battle worn. Their officers are in confusion about what to do. So what do they do? They do the religious thing! They call a committee meeting, and after much debate, they vote to win the war.

That is the same kind of absurdity that will leave too many Christians lying in the mud bleeding, and will haunt entire denominations of evangelical Christians, and will result in the closing of many church doors. This will continue until we categorically refuse to call anything ministry or evangelism without the anointing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God.

The fortresses and churches will be abandoned. Cities will be deserted with no one to sound the message of hope. Watchtowers will become flea markets. God's people must refuse to substitute anything other than Holy Ghost revival power operating through them to the Glory of God.

While on vacation in New England, my wife and I drove 30 miles to worship with one of the largest evangelical congregations in that entire state. They have an average attendance of 125 persons. As we drove back to our vacation home, we ate a bit of lunch and looked around the small square from the café windows. Standing on the most prominent corner for traffic in the whole town was a beautiful building. It had a magnificent stately spire reaching from the roof toward the summer sky. On the side of the building hung a large red banner with bold white letters saying, "Flea Market."

The United Methodist Church, from which came historically famous evangelists along the East Coast, began the 1970's with 10.8 million members. At their General Assembly they approved evangelism as a major emphasis for that decade. For that same decade of the 70's, the lost 65,000 members ...

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